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Office Bearers

Over 5000 people in the UK are waiting for an organ transplant that could dramatically improve or even save their life.

Office Bearers


Susan Kee (acting)

Billy Thompson

Honorary Treasurer
Margaret Elliott

Honorary Secretary
Betty Jennings

Honorary Asst. Secretary
Ann Hyland

Dr James F Douglas MA, BCL, MB, BCh, FRCP

Finance Committee
Margaret Elliott (Hon Treasurer)

Muriel McCracken

Billy Thompson

Medical Advisors
Professor AP Maxwell, Consultant Nephrologist. MD, PhD, FRCP.
Mr J Mc Daid PhD, FRCS
Dr A Courtney MPhil, FRCP

Dr Neal Morgan PhD, FRCP
Dr Agnes Masengu MD, MRCP
Dr Alastair Woodman MD, FRCP
Dr Robert Mullan MD, FRCP



Legal Advisor