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By making a donation today you are directly helping the quality of life and life chances of people suffering from kidney disease in Northern Ireland.

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You can become a volunteer.

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Leaving a Legacy

One way of helping the NIKRF is to include a legacy to the charity in your will. More than two thirds of adults die without a valid will, which results in their estates being allocated according to the law, instead of according to their wishes.

A will is a legal document, so it is best to get the advice of a solicitor to make your instructions legally valid. To find a solicitor, you can look in the Solicitors Regional Directory which is available in your local library. The Law Society has a website at and you can get more information about finding a Solicitor or on making a will there.

Please print out (or copy) the following information, fill it in, then hand it to your solicitor together with any specific instructions in order that your wishes can be incorporated into your will.

Name of Giver: Amount to be given: I wish to make a bequest to the NIKRF as shown below Signed: Date:

The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund is a Company limited by guarantee (Company No N1053349) incorporated under the companies (Northern Ireland) order1986 to 1990.
Charity Number NIC 103849