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Year 8 Students from Larne Grammer School Support NIKRF once again


A fabulous donation of £1373.29 was made to our Fund by the Year 8 students from Larne Rammer school.  This is the third year that year 8 students have supported NIKRF. 

Year 8 students with Head of Year Mrs Joanne Addis presenting cheque to NIKRF


Sixty Years Married and Still Supporting others. 


Recently Brendan and Lily Carville celebrated their 60th Wedding anniversary. To say "thank you" for the successful kidney transplant one of her sons received in 1994 they requested that family and friends should make donations to NIKRF in lieu of presents resulting in the magnificent amount of £1200 was raised.  We wish them many more years of health and happiness together.Brendan and Lily presenting cheque to NIKRF  

 Brendan and Lily, with grandchildren Michael, Holly and Niamh presenting cheque to NIKRF